Month: April 2019

New Game Round-up: Prosper in Babylon, Prevent Plague in Europe, and Run Around in Korea

by W. Eric Martin • April is the second-slowest month for game announcements — December being the slowest — so I find myself with time to catch up on some

The Division 2’s first raid features a new signature weapon

The first raid is on the way for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, and an enterprising dataminer has scoured the game files and found some new details about its unique

Mystery EGG NEST –Weird!! PART 1 in Backyard by HobbyKidsTV

HobbyKids and HobbyDad see a creature on the security camera. Where is it hiding? Then they find a nest with an EGG! What’s inside? But wait… where is HobbyMom? Gone

Yakuza: Kiwami 2 is coming to PC

Rejoice, fans of Sega’s unique series of Japanese mobster games. Yakuza: Kiwami 2 has gotten a new ESRB rating for Windows, meaning a PC release is not far off. Yakuza:

Explore New Worlds from Red Raven Games, and Embrace the Singularity in Sarah’s Vision

by W. Eric Martin • Bâloise Holding AG is a Swiss insurance holding company, and its associated Baloise Group has just released its first board game: Sarah’s Vision from Anthony

WE FIND MESSAGE in a BOTTLE! Mystery Nest Clues with Floop by HobbyKidsTV

We meet a new mystery person. Agent Jax sent us to Red Desert to find her. She is the Karate Master and gave us journal! This will help with our

Ring of Elysium is using the totally original idea of adding pirates in Seaons 3

The best thing about the battle royale genre is that it’s created a completely new context for players to express themselves in. The worst part of battle royale is the

New Game Round-up: Dig for Curios, Paint in an Atelier, and Do Unexpected Things in an Age of Dirt

by W. Eric Martin • In its quest to keep up with Renegade Game Studios’ release schedule (see here), U.S. publisher WizKids has announced a new title for release in

We Find NEST… on ROOF! Mystery ADVENTURE by HobbyKidsTV

Is that a nest on the roof? Something has been on our roof and it looks like it’s leaving things on top of it for us to find. maybe we

Borderlands 3 will launch in October, says an actually not-ridiculous fan theory

Borderlands developer Gearbox finally confirmed one of the industry’s most persistent rumours at PAX East yesterday, announcing Borderlands 3 with a new gameplay trailer. Based on some very subtle clues hidden in