Month: July 2019

Nvidia has isolated Ryzen 3000’s GeForce BSOD error and is working on a fix

Nvidia’s driver team is looking into bluescreen of death issues that have been cropping up when people pair the new AMD processors, such as the Ryzen 9 3900X, with a GeForce

Giant NEST Gone MISSING! Game Trixster in HobbyGuy House with Mystery Egg by HobbyKidsTV

HobbyGuy’s mystery egg nest has gone missing! Is Game Trixster apart of it? Help HobbyGuy figure out where his giant egg has gone and can he get it back… watch

Game Overview: Undo: Curse from the Past, or Rewrite History for a Future Perfect

by W. Eric Martin Some people hate the one-and-done nature of escape room games and legacy designs, viewing them as wasteful, antithetical to what games are, or both. I can

Designer Diary: Shadows: Amsterdam

by Wat This is the story of a nice story, one of those that should never end, such as a Ken Follett book or an HBO episode. I work at

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers reviews – our round-up of the critics

Critics have now had time to dig deep into the latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion, and the Shadowbringers reviews are finally starting to roll in. Judging by the scores so

Buy Pappy Winchester’s Land, Then Go Boat Hopping in a Dragon Market

by W. Eric Martin • Every year ahead of Gen Con and SPIEL — the two conventions with the most new game releases — I discover that we’ve added lots

No Man’s Sky was “largely complete for what we wanted it to do” at launch

No Man’s Sky has received some big updates since its launch, with Foundation, NEXT, and the upcoming Beyond (among others) bringing a host of features to the game. But while

Hobby Kids vs Giant Surprise Eggs from Space | HobbyKids Adventures Cartoon Episode 4

In the new HobbyKids cartoon, the Slobby Kids have launched giant surprise eggs into space! The Hobby Kids have no choice but to enter orbit and clean up the Slobby

Minecraft Earth closed beta announced with all-new gameplay footage

Following the first glimpse we got of Minecraft Earth in real-time at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference last month, the closed beta for the Pokémon Go-esque, augmented reality game has

Take a Trip to Wonderland for Hats, War, Gears, and the Ever-Present Alice

by W. Eric Martin • Rather than talk of a game’s theme, I prefer to talk about its setting — that is, the environment in which the action of the