Take the Role of Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and More in Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures

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by W. Eric Martin

With Toy Story 4 due to open in theaters on June 20, 2019, U.S. publisher The OP has announced a tie-in game of sorts, a co-operative deck-building card game called Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures that will be released in Q4 2019.

The OP, then known as USAopoly, released the co-operative deck-building game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle in 2016, and Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures is designed along the same lines, although that would be hard to suss out from this description in the press release:

Using The OP’s Mensa Select-winning game mechanic that allows players to experience a progressing storyline, Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures features six boxes of cards, each representing a different movie from the treasured property. As each box is unlocked, the content from the associated movie or short is introduced to the game, adding beloved characters like Hamm and Mr. Pricklepants to the mix, as well as obstacles and antagonists to battle, including Sid, Prospector Pete and many more.
I would imagine that Disney does not want H.P. mentioned in a press release for an item based on its own property.

In any case, The OP had a mock-up box of Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures at the Origins Game Fair 2019, and the publisher’s Ross Thompson pointed out that in addition to having a player count of 2-5 (compared to 2-4 for Hogwarts Battle), Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures is aimed at a slightly younger audience: ages 8+ instead of 11+. Game design is credited to Forrest-Pruzan Creative, as in that earlier design with the “Mensa Select-winning game mechanic”.

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