Watch Game Demos for Days with BGG & Comic-Con International

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by W. Eric Martin

In April 2020, San Diego Comic Convention announced that Comic-Con International (CCI) — which has run annually since 1970 — would not be held in July 2020 as planned, with that convention being replaced by the online event Comic-Con@Home. While breaking traditions can feel bad, this decision was not unexpected given the COVID-19 situation in California, across the United States, and around the world.

Tabletop games have always had a place at Comic-Con International, and they’re going to be part of Comic-Con@Home, too, as BoardGameGeek is going to livestream game demonstrations and interviews with designers and publishers for four days during that event.

Yes, BGG had planned to run another BGG.CONline demo event in late July 2020, and that has now morphed into a partnership with CCI for four days of tabletop game coverage on July 23-26, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PDT (UTC-7) each day. I’ve been working on the broadcast schedule for much of the past week, while also creating a catalog of new games being released from June through August 2020. This preview takes the place of the Origins 2020 Preview and Gen Con 2020 Preview that I would normally publish, and new game release previews for Sept/Oct 2020 (replacing the SPIEL ’20 Preview) and for Nov/Dec 2020 will be published later.

Many of the games to be featured during Comic-Con@Home can be found on that list — and I’ll publish the broadcast schedule closer to the broadcast date — as we’re trying to highlight what’s hitting the market now instead of showing prototypes that won’t be released for months or years. Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we might as well demo what’s available now for folks staying at home and looking for things to do…

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