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Game Overview: Undo: Curse from the Past, or Rewrite History for a Future Perfect

by W. Eric Martin Some people hate the one-and-done nature of escape room games and legacy designs, viewing them as wasteful, antithetical to what games are, or both. I can

Designer Diary: Shadows: Amsterdam

by Wat This is the story of a nice story, one of those that should never end, such as a Ken Follett book or an HBO episode. I work at

Buy Pappy Winchester’s Land, Then Go Boat Hopping in a Dragon Market

by W. Eric Martin • Every year ahead of Gen Con and SPIEL — the two conventions with the most new game releases — I discover that we’ve added lots

Take a Trip to Wonderland for Hats, War, Gears, and the Ever-Present Alice

by W. Eric Martin • Rather than talk of a game’s theme, I prefer to talk about its setting — that is, the environment in which the action of the

Game Preview: Amul, or Balancing Arabs and Mongols on the Silk Road

by W. Eric Martin Gen Con 2019 opens in just over three weeks, and I have lots to preview before that time, including the card-drafting, hand-management game Amul from Remo

Designer Diary: Unlock! Heroic Adventures: Sherlock Holmes, or A Study in Story

by Dave Neale Okay, I thought. I guess that’s a no. I just couldn’t think of a way to do it. The key issue I had to tackle if I

Links: Tariff Talk, First Loves, and The World’s Best Vending Machine

by W. Eric Martin • Designer Mike Selinker and publisher Scott Gaeta of Renegade Game Studios have written about the potential tariffs that the U.S. government might impose on goods

Take the Role of Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and More in Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures

by W. Eric Martin With Toy Story 4 due to open in theaters on June 20, 2019, U.S. publisher The OP has announced a tie-in game of sorts, a co-operative

Game Overview: Lift Off, or Leveling Up to Infinity and Beyond

by W. Eric Martin Jeroen Vandersteen is a newcomer to game design, with Lift Off, his first published game, having debuted from German publisher Hans im Glück at SPIEL ’18

The BoardGameGeek Show: Origins 2019, BGG.Spring Recap, Tigris & Euphrates, The Wilson Wolfe Affair, and More

by W. Eric Martin Time for another episode of The BoardGameGeek Show! We’ve been publishing them roughly every two weeks on BGG’s main YouTube channel, and on Thursday, June 13,