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Buying My Dog Everything He Touches! Challenge at Petco by HobbyKidsTV

#buyeverythingdogtouches #buyingeverthingmydogtouches Game Trixster has another challenge for us! We must buy everything HobbyFlappy our dog touches! —SUBSCRIBE For NEW

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! HobbyKids Have a Secret to Share with YOU

Watch to find out what our special announcement is!! It’s been a secret… until now. Leave your comments what you

GIANT GAME BOARD IRL! Winner Gets $1,000! Avengers CHALLENGE by HobbyKidsTV

HobbyKids play on a GIANT game board with the Avengers Endgame toys and Gauntlet! Winner gets $1,000 but watch out.

DON’T DROP MYSTERY NEST in Pond! D.GOLD is BACK! Challenge by HobbyKidsTV

Gold Bot roams the HobbyKarate Club House turning things into gold. HobbyFamily is busy outside searching for the mystery nest


#lasttofall #mysterynest #lasttofalloffplank #challenge Who wins $10,000 Karate Mystery Box? HobbyFamily have been instructed by Game Trixster in the HobbyJournal

MUST SMASH HobbyKids PHONES! DrGOLD + Training Challenge by HobbyKidsTV

We must smash each others Hobby Phones! Karate Master’s journal told HobbyFamily the next training challenge. But lurking around our

Mystery NEST in KARATE CLUB POND… Searching for Game Trixster Clues by HobbyKidsTV

We search for the entrance at the HobbyKarate Club House and explore the property! What is Game Trixster after? Is

Get HobbyKids New AR Game in APP STORE! Mini Golf PUTTING PLANET Fun

Parents, HobbyKids’ Putting Planet is available on IOS: and ANDROID: — Device compatibility –  For iOS: iPhone 6S

NINJA SECRET MAP! We Find a Mystery Nest at HobbyMema’s House by HobbyKidsTV

We put together the map pieces we found at Red Desert. But first we find another mystery nest egg at

PART 5- MYSTERY CIRCLE Challenge! 2nd Half + We See Another NEST by HobbyKidsTV

#GameTrixster #HobbyKidsTV #24HoursInCircleChallenge PART 5. The second half of the 24 hr CIRCLE Challenge. Can HobbyDad and HobbyGuy complete it?