Astralis CS:GO team described as “role models” by Danish Prime Minister

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Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen had some very nice words for Astralis, and gaming in general, during a recent visit to their offices. In a video obtained by Motherboard, Loekke plays a few rounds of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with the team over a two hour session, commenting about his admiration for them and his love of Denmark’s gaming community.

Astralis is one of the top esports organisations in the world, having had a banner year last year with back-to-back Major victories. They’re legitimate superstars on a global stage, and Rasmussen is proud to have them as representatives of Denmark and as idols for young Danish gamers.

“The Astralis guys are definitely role models,” Rasmussen says in the video. “Lots of youngsters are gaming here in Denmark. According to statistics, 96% of all Danish boys are playing at least twice a week. They’re in cellars and rooms behind closed doors, and parents think ‘what are they doing?’ And they can look at Astralis and see that gaming is about meeting people in real life. It’s about getting proper sleep, it’s about nutrition, physical activity. A lot of parents around Denmark are really pleased about the Astralis guys acting as role models.”

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