Borderlands 3’s Moze the Gunner comes with a giant mech called Iron Bear

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The next addition to Borderlands 3’s eclectic rabble of Vault Hunters is Moze the Gunner. She doesn’t come alone, however, and a big ol’ mech called Iron Bear summons to her side at a moments notice – think of D.Va from Overwatch, but Mad Max style. We also got a good peek at Moze and Iron Bear’s skill-tree in action during the E3 2019 trailer, alongside the swamp-like planet Eden-6, which is also being shown off at the show alongside Moze.

Thanks to YouTuber Ki11er Six, however, we also have an idea what her skill trees will entail. All three of Moze’s skill trees mainly revolve around her mech, Iron Bear. Her first set-up is called Shield of Retribution, and its primary Action Skill is called Railgun. This move adds a, well, railgun to Iron Bear that fires high-velocity projectiles that deal shock damage.

Bottomless Mags is the next class set-up, and it comes with an Action Skill called Minigun. The Minigun can outputs loads of damage in no time at all, but keep in mind that it’ll overheat if you fire for too long. If the gun does overheat, it won’t be usable for a few seconds.

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