Chaotic beat ’em up Streets of Rogue is getting a sequel

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Streets of Rogue emerged from Steam’s early access program last year, and it’s a fast-paced rogue-lite beat ’em up that lets you play as a wide variety of characters as you make your way through its violent levels of procedurally-generated urban decay. The developer has announced that he’s working on a sequel, which we sincerely hope also involves gorillas.

You see, in Streets of Rogue, you begin each run by picking a character class, the way you do in many roguelikes. However, here you have options you won’t find anywhere else: sure, you could opt to be a soldier or thief, but why not try beating the game as a 500-pound gorilla? Or perhaps as a terrible comedian? Each character type comes with its own specific goals and challenges – gorillas, for example, gain health by eating bananas but cannot speak English.

The sequel is early in development, and developer Matt Dabrowski says he doesn’t have a timeline established for the sequel. However, in a recent update to the Streets of Rogue Steam page, he says he’d like to build on Streets of Rogue’s existing codebase – which represents six years of work, he writes – and make a game that’s more “open-ended” and include even more systems.

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