Dota Auto Chess gets a wild card with Io

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Season 0 of Dota Auto Chess has come to a close, and the end of the game’s inaugural season naturally means a big patch with plenty of new features. The biggest additions are two new pieces – Io and Dazzle – but there are loads of other changes and balance tweaks to round out the patch notes and bring some new fun for the rising Auto Chess player count.

Io is a new legendary unit without a class. You can get Io at any courier level – unlike other legendary units – and it isn’t drawn from a pool, meaning that you can theoretically infinite Ios. It acts as a wild card unit, so you can match it with any other pair of units to act as a third and get a levelled-up piece.

Dazzle is a bit more traditional, though he’s from the underrepresented Troll race. He’s a Priest, and his bonus will get your courier a 20% damage shield as long as it’s on the field, as Polygon notes. He’s got the Shallow Grave ability, which will provide four seconds of death prevention for an allied piece – and when Dazzle levels up, he can provide that bonus to multiple units.

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