Final Fantasy 16 character details emerge as teaser website launches

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Square Enix has launched Final Fantasy 16‘s teaser website that offers some more titbits on the world we’ll be exploring and who we’ll be exploring it with. Producer Naoki Yoshida has also written an accompanying blog post to condense the information into one place if that’s more your speed.

The main protagonist this time around is Clive Rosfield, a brooding bodyguard for his younger brother who has blessed him with specific powers to do just that. He looks more youthful in the character sketches but is tattooed all the same.

His younger brother, Joshua Rosfield, is known as the Dominant of the Phoenix – Eikon of Fire. In FF16, Dominants are unique beings who wield the power of the Eikon that resides within them – think of the them as summons. That means Joshua transforms into a phoenix to protect his nation. He’s born into royalty but is childlike – he dislikes carrots, by the way. It certainly sets up a decent premise as the weight of Joshua’s responsibilities is likely to clash with his level of maturity. The whole putting a powerful spirit into a, perhaps, unwitting vessel also sounds a lot like Naruto, and who doesn’t like anime?

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