Gigabyte may have created AMD Ryzen 3000’s best overclocking motherboard

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Gigabyte is aiming to create the world’s most powerful overclocking motherboard for the AMD Ryzen 3000 processors with its X570 Aorus Xtreme. By packing the board out with the first direct 16-phase VRM the Aorus Xtreme could well deliver the highest, most stable supply of power to the new Ryzen chips of any board out there. Because of that I think it’s important to cross your forearms in front of you to make an ‘X’ each time you either read or say ‘Aorus Xtreme,’ I believe it’s in Gigabyte’s brand guidelines.

Matthew Hurwitz, Gigabyte’s product manager for the new X570 boards, explained that as the core count of the new AMD Ryzen chips increases so does the level of power that needs to be fed to the bulging processors. But just sticking in more and more power is only part of the battle, you also need that power to be stable… and not light your motherboard on fire while it’s doing that.

The simple answer is to add more power phases to the board, but, instead of using a doubler to turn an eight-phase power design into a 16-phase mobo, Gigabyte is going for a direct VRM implementation straight from the PWM.

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