Looks like Metro Exodus will be part of the Xbox Game Pass library on PC

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When Microsoft announces its Xbox Game Pass later today, it looks as though the library of games it offers for PC players will include Metro Exodus. Coupled with leaked info on Game Pass pricing, we now know how much it’ll cost to play the latest Metro game, too.

The price? As Twitter user Wario64 has noticed, it looks like Game Pass for PC will cost $4.99 a month, with a special introductory deal making your first month a single dollar. That’s pretty reasonable, particularly when you consider the list of games Microsoft has ready to roll out with the pass.
The games run the gamut, from shooters to tactics to MMOs. You’ll be able to play the standard edition of Forza Horizon 4, Football Manager 19, and everything in the Master Chief Collection.

But notably, you’ll also have access to Metro Exodus, which up until now has been an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC, and won’t show up on Steam for another eight months at least.

Take this together with the Windows Store listing for Exodus we noticed earlier this week, which has a June 9 date on it, and the recently-revealed Xbox Windows app, and it sounds an awful lot like Microsoft plans on launching the Game Pass for PC later today during its E3 briefing.

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