New Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Super model teased by official EEC registration

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Something Super this way comes… Yes, it’s incoming Nvidia GPU speculation time as the Eurasian Economic Commission’s product notification page is once more offering up a few little tidbits about some imminent graphics card hardware. The registration notification for a new Nvidia graphics processor came in on May 23, but has recently surfaced via the usual Twitter sources.

The posting references a graphics card model with the code PG151. Off the top of your head you might be wondering what the hell that could be; the latest Nvidia prefixes have all been RTX, from GeForce to Quadro, after all. But that’s actually referring to the board number or model of a particular card. The best example in this case is the RTX 2080 Ti which has a board number of PG150 and the RTX 2080 which has a board number of PG180.

That leads us to believe that this PG151 is some fresh new SKU of the RTX 2080 Ti, potentially one of those RTX Super cards that Nvidia has been teasing since before Computex. Now it looks like Nvidia isn’t sharing any public information around E3 this week, but we can make some educated guesses about what’s going on.

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