The last Halo: The Master Chief Collection flight got delayed “due to severe blocking bugs”

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The next Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC flight – that’s a fancy name for a beta, if you haven’t been keeping up – was set to cover Firefight mode, and it was set to begin in July. At the time, the developers noted that the timing could shift, and obviously it did. The developers say that this is due to some “severe blocking bugs,” but they’re as committed as ever to making sure MCC is the best it can be on PC.

In short, those bugs would’ve kept the Firefight flight – or FireFlight, as the devs are calling it – from working as intended. You can get a more technical breakdown of what the studio is working through in the full blog post, but the bottom line is that there’s more work to do before FireFlight is ready.

“There seems to be a lot of public perception that as flighting goal dates have been missed that the project itself is going to suffer in the quality department,” the developers say, “but that’s the opposite of what the reality is. In order to meet the high-quality bar the teams have set for this project, these delays are to ensure it is the best it can be.”

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