Weird West has the “same spirit” as Arkane’s immersive sims

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During this year’s PC Gaming Show, we got a new trailer for Weird West, the first game from Wolfeye Studios, the team created and led by veterans of Arkane Studios. After the trailer, Raphael Colantonio, founder and former president of Arkane, now head of Wolfeye, did a brief interview in which he explained the essence of the immersive sim is still alive in the weird, wild west.

“There’s not much difference in the spirit, you will really find yourself at home, it’s just it’s a different perspective,” Colantonio says on the similarity between Weird West and his work with Arkane. “Instead of seeing through the eyes of the character, you have the chance to run a party of people, so you have a strategy kind of view. But the exploration and everything is still the same spirit.”

Unlike first-person projects such as Dishonored 2 that make up Arkane’s catalog, Weird West is an ARPG, but the same open-ended approach to problem-solving is still as fertile as ever. Colantonio talks up the selection of ways players can clear objectives, specially given the supernatural elements. “There’s an objective, so for example, go inside this house and frame a character by putting a letter that he didn’t truly write that he did not write, so the sheriff can find it,” he says. “You could do it in a very stealthy way, which is what you’d imagine people would do, so probably use a power to put people to sleep, and then get inside.”

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