Yakuza’s going turn-based, but it’s still “a legitimate Yakuza game”

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Sega recently announced that Yakuza 7 will feature turn-based combat, JRPG-style – a bit of a change for the series. Now, it looks like we’ve got some more details on what to expect of the action-adventure series’ newest addition, courtesy of Japanese videogame magazine Famitsu – but it’s not all change.

User Nibel has flagged up some “new Yakuza 7 details” on Twitter, linking to what appears to be (via Google’s translation) a “‘Ryu ga Gotoku 7’ development team interview taken from the most recent issue of Famitsu – and it contains some interesting new nuggets about the game. User BlackKite has also offered what seems to be side-by-side images of the original Japanese text and an English translation, providing a similar translation.

First up, it sounds like the game’s playtime will be longer than any of the series’ past titles. The (translated) post says “the total play time will be longer than the past. It will take more than double the main story alone.” While it isn’t fully certain from this whether Yakuza 7’s main story playtime will actually be “double” any of the previous titles’, as it perhaps suggests, its general meaning seems pretty clear – it looks like Yakuza 7 will feature a lengthier experience that its predecessors for players to get stuck into.

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