Stranded Sails is Stardew Valley with pirates

When I think of pirates I imagine the clashing of swords, the hustle for booty, and stormy seas crashing against rickety ships. But Lemonbomb Entertainment has made me feel like

Don’t Cut the Wrong Rope or Lose $10,000 Challenge with HobbyKidsTV

#dontcutthewrongrope #youtubechallenge #HobbyKidsTV We play the awesome Don’t Cut the Wrong Rope Challenge! The HobbyFamily needs to cut 3 ropes and hopefully the bucket full of cash doesn’t fall in

Up to 80% of No Man’s Sky’s critics “didn’t own or play the game”

It’s fair to say that No Man’s Sky got off to something of a rocky start. While the space exploration game now boasts a flourishing community, when it launched back

Game Preview: Amul, or Balancing Arabs and Mongols on the Silk Road

by W. Eric Martin Gen Con 2019 opens in just over three weeks, and I have lots to preview before that time, including the card-drafting, hand-management game Amul from Remo

Designer Diary: Unlock! Heroic Adventures: Sherlock Holmes, or A Study in Story

by Dave Neale Okay, I thought. I guess that’s a no. I just couldn’t think of a way to do it. The key issue I had to tackle if I

Doom Eternal will get a new asymmetric multiplayer mode

Doom Eternal will get an all-new asymmetric multiplayer mode. It will be called Battle mode, and will put one “fully-loaded” Doom Slayer against two demons. Each demon has unique movement,

Looks like Metro Exodus will be part of the Xbox Game Pass library on PC

When Microsoft announces its Xbox Game Pass later today, it looks as though the library of games it offers for PC players will include Metro Exodus. Coupled with leaked info

Links: Tariff Talk, First Loves, and The World’s Best Vending Machine

by W. Eric Martin • Designer Mike Selinker and publisher Scott Gaeta of Renegade Game Studios have written about the potential tariffs that the U.S. government might impose on goods

🐠 Fishing 🐟 Mystery Adventure with CLUES! 🎣 By HobbyKidsTV

Gone fishin! We discover clues while fishing so help us find out where we need to go next on the adventure map. —SUBSCRIBE For NEW Shows— —OUR FAVES— ADVENTURES:

Take the Role of Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, and More in Toy Story: Obstacles and Adventures

by W. Eric Martin With Toy Story 4 due to open in theaters on June 20, 2019, U.S. publisher The OP has announced a tie-in game of sorts, a co-operative