Clutch Bag Tutorial: How To Make An Easy, Fold Over Clutch Bag

Magic, completely lined, fold over clutch bag from two rectangles of fabric. Use your scraps to make handy purses and pouches or go bigger for document wallets and handbags. Enjoyed

Illustrator Diary: Fertility, or Rebuilding Ancient Egypt Block by Block

by Jérémie Fleury IMG 1 TT Dear white-colored sand and palm enthusiasts, please relax and relax. After Histrio, Oceanos and Yamataï, it’s now Fertility’s turn with an illustrator’s diary, that

Fallout subreddit mods ask desperate fans to stop posting about The Outer Worlds

Although there are certainly people enjoying it, Fallout 76 hasn’t been the game most series fans were hoping for. Last week, Obsidian announced The Outer Worlds – a game from

HOUSE OF BOING GAME! Competition Play by HobbyKidsTV

#boardgames #houseofboing #kidsgames #minigames We have to get the ping pong balls into the house quadrants! Who can beat the clock? Mini games full of fun. — SUBSCRIBE For NEW

Power Grid Gets Recharged for Its 15th Anniversary

by W. Eric Martin Friedemann Friese‘s Power Grid turns fifteen in 2019. Fifteen years, and that guy still can’t get the setting right on that knob — or maybe he

Here’s how a Hearthstone streamer built up 20,000 armour in a single game

A Hearthstone streamer – and Hearthstone fans can probably already guess who – has managed to gain more than 20,000 armour in a single game, thanks to the ludicrous combo

Drawstring Bag Tutorial: How To Make A Petal Drawstring Bag

Two squares of cotton and a little cord are all you need to make a gorgeous drawstring gift bag. Make them from small scraps for sweets, treats and cosmetics or

HobbyHarry Creates a SOLAR SYSTEM! DIY Science Project with HobbyKidsTV

Learn about the planets in our Solar System in this awesome science project! HobbyScience Lab Fun! — SUBSCRIBE For NEW Shows— —TOY VIDEOS— GIANT Surprise Eggs: Learning Playlist:

Plus Sign Patchwork Quilt: How To Sew A Plus Sign Quilt

Stitch up simple rows of dash, dot, dot to create an interlocking ‘Plus Sign’ patchwork with ease. Use it to make quilts, cushions or layer over old towels to make

Re-Unite an Independent Poland and Take a Long Trip with a Brown Bear

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